Like oil to a machine, water is to the body! The human physic is largely made up of water, 60% to be precise, which is why an adequate intake of water is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy body.

Clean water is truly a privilege that is most often taken for granted. Although 70% of earth is water, only 0.007 percent of it is easily accessible to be consumed as clean drinking water, this 0.007 percent needs to quench the thirst of 6.8 billion people across the globe. Due to geographic reasons, regulations, competitions and poverty a glass of clean drinking water is only a luxury to many unfortunate souls.

 The human body looses water through breathing, sweating and digestion which is why we need to keep replenishing ourselves to maintain a hydrated and energized physic throughout the day. It is said that an average adult needs to drink 1.9 Litres of water a day to stay healthy.

A healthy intake of water will;

• Help wash out unhealthy toxins from vital organs
• Carry necessary nutrients to cells
• Prevent dehydration and loss of energy
• Keep your skin healthy and hydrated
• Help maintain a proper functioning digestive system

Water is an absolute necessity, it‘s been spoken about multiple times but most of us still continue to ignore its importance and carry on filling ourselves with off the shelf frizzy drinks and sweet boxed juices instead.


“Flavoured Water” was introduced in order to excite people and increase the intake of water; it has been quite successful thus far. The fresh fruit used to flavour the water adds that little bit of zing to your usual boring glass of water and looks very pretty at the same time. It’s a great alternative to sugary drinks and soda’s.


If a boring glass of water doesn’t appeal to you and keeps you away from drinking water, go crazy with the fruits and excite yourself enough to drink 1.9 litres of water a day!