School can be quite draining! Looking back, I am wondering how I managed to juggle more than eight subjects loaded with a lot of homework and also managed to do a few extra-curricular activities! When I see students these days with school bags as large as themselves so full of energy, I think to myself, ‘How are they managing to do that!’.
Here I am still trying to get my brain to focus on the draft I need to write for the next surge of articles!
While children do make the whole going to school and still finding time to play so easy, it might get a bit tough at times! Here are a few food stuff that will give your kids the nutrition they need to help them focus at school!



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It’s surprising that something so fishy has the ability to develop important parts of your brain. Generally most seafood is good for you, but studies have found that salmon has a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids! It helps rebuild brains cells, improves concentration and also slows cognitive decline that comes with age.

How to include salmon in your diet?
You can make salmon sandwiches for the mornings or tea time. Kids love this stuff! Or make a salad with salmon for dinner. It makes for a very healthy meal!



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I know what you are thinking ‘there is no way that your child is going to eat oats for breakfast’. Most kids avoid healthy stuff like this because eating it alone is not that tasty. Even I, as an adult, used to find it hard to eat a bowl of oats cause it tastes so ‘bleh’! But there are other stuff you can add to it that makes it flavoursome! Studies have found that a bowl of oatmeal in the morning boosts energy and fights hunger! This way your kids would feel full during the first few periods (sadly Sir Lankan schools do not encourage eating during classes. They should change that!) and can stay focused until the first interval!

How to include oats in your diet?
Add some flavour to a bowl of oats by either adding honey or cinnamon for some spice. You can also add some fresh fruits like mango, and banana! Another way you can make tasty is to add a little bit of milk and brown sugar.

Whole Grains


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Whole grains are packed with essential nutrients such as fibre and according to research helps slow down the speed of sugar as it enters your bloodstream! This means that it help kids preserve their energy and helps increase their concentration levels throughout the day! It also helps you stay full for longer which in turn helps your kids focus on the subject and not the rumbling noises of hunger!

How to include whole grains in your diet?
You can pack sandwiches with whole grain bread, or even food stuff that are made out of whole grain flour like pittu and chapathi. Or you can give your kids the best of the legume family such as kadalai, passi payaru, and kaupee. These are the best food for lasting energy and also helps build concentration!



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Eggs are a healthy and tasty source of important nutrients which will help with concentration. Your kids would have no problem eating this too! The yolk is the healthier bit and contains a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid DHA. And we know by now that anything that says omega 3 fatty acids is quite good! Research has also found that eggs contain something called choline which supposedly helps maintain healthy brain cell membranes which in turn help children focus in school and improves cognitive learning.

How to include eggs in your diet?
I am sure I don’t have to tell you how to include eggs into your diet!



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Spinach is aka brain food and has got a rich source of iron, lutein, folate, and beta-carotene. These nutrients not only help improve concentration but it also improves memory and prevents dementia! Experts on Google say that it’s good to eat spinach three times a week!

How to include spinach in your diet?
You can cut the spinach into small pieces for a salad or you can mix it with kola kanda which is a type of herbal porridge!



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These red roots have the ability to improve memory, give focused concentration and boost overall cognition. The nitrates in the beetroot is the one that helps improve mental wellbeing.

How to include beets in your diet?
Apart from the Sri Lankan way of making beetroot into a curry, you can also add it into a salad or even make it into a juice!



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Bananas are the best ‘on the go’ meal if your kids are in a hurry! According to most people who come from abroad Sri Lanka has some really nice bananas that are sweet! Studies have found that the high concentration of potassium in the banana is a crucial nutrient that keeps your brain in shape and helps you stay focused!

How to include bananas in your diet?
Like the eggs I am sure that you would know how to make use of bananas in your diet. You can add them in your oatmeal or even cut it into rounds and place it in-between two buttered bread pieces!