You’ve probably been hearing the word ‘vegan’ being thrown around a lot, with bloggers claiming to be so, and many products attaching the word to their name. But what exactly is Veganism?


Vegans, at their most basic level, are vegetarians. This means no meat whatsoever, even fish. Unlike vegetarians, though, vegans have a more rigorous list of what foods they cannot eat.

For the Love of Animals

In fact, veganism is against the eating of meat and almost all animal based products such as dairy. I say almost because there are still hot debates as to whether Honey, for example, is vegan or not.

Cruelty Free

Veganism is a mind-set and lifestyle in addition to being a diet. Vegans strive to not use products that have been tested on animals as well as products that have been made out of animals.

Is Veganism Unattainable?

Some feel that going Vegan is only for the rich or those with a lot of time, but it is surprisingly easier than you’d think to overcome the obstacles to become vegan. Vegans find their protein in other foods besides meat, such as chickpeas, nuts and tofu. They also use a variety of dairy substitutes and there are a large number of recipes available online.