Weight loss does not always mean hours at the gym or eating tiny portions of food you would otherwise not eat. However, weight loss can come about by making little changes to your everyday life.

Water it down

It’s a no-brainer that water does a ton of good things to our bodies. Here is a little twist to it – infuse your water with lemon and drink about 3 litres of this daily and this can help speed up metabolism by 33%. This is killing an extra 100 calories daily.

A salad a day

Substitute that lunch “buth packet” with a whole green salad. If you are into meats then add some lean meats. Tons of lettuce, avocados, nuts in your salad are great for you.

Don’t be too hungry

Give room for one to two snacks a day. The more you starve the more likely that you’d binge eat later. When you are not too hungry the chances of you eating more during the next meal will be less.

Juice Away

There are loads of things in the veggie and fruit world that are great for you – but how much could you squeeze into a day. Well most – if you literally squeeze them. Juices away carrots, kales, cucumbers and ginger and a whole heap more. These are great for your system and can also act as nutritious fillers.

Sodas and Sugary drinks are a no go

It’s a known that fizzy drinks are bad for you. Sodas are loaded with heaps of unwanted sugar. Also, diet sodas can actually be more harmful. They can trigger more sweet cravings.

Don’t make alcohol your social buddy

It’s nice to enjoy wine or some cocktails once in a while. Make this more your sit down thing than making alcohol something you would sip on to make you look like you’re busy at a party. Instead, opt for water with some lemons or a juice to sip away or nothing at all to give you more hands to hug.