Indoor five – a side soccer, also known as Futsal is becoming increasingly popular as a recreational fitness activity. Not only will you be able to stay fit, but also have the added advantage of being a part of a fun team based sport. If you’re still not convinced, here are some motivators to get you started;

1. Get your friends involved

 Unlike any other workout, futsal can be played whenever you choose to as a fun activity with a group of friends. This way you don’t miss out on spending time with your friends or going to the gym as you can have both at the same time!

2. Improves overall health and well – being

 Not only is engaging in futsal good for your heart, the variation in movements (between running, walking and sprinting) increases your flexibility and strength. Additionally, it is also a fat burning exercise that will help you tone your muscles.

3. Team Spirit

 Being a team sport means you will have first-hand experience in working in a team under pressure. Not only will this teach you the importance of coordination and trust, it will also help you think quickly while on your feet.

4. Increases endurance and concentration

 Playing any sport requires a high level of concentration and endurance. Playing futsal even on a bi weekly basis will help keep your mind and body exercised and improve your overall well – being as time progresses.

5. Can be played anywhere

 While going to a futsal club is always the ideal choice, if you do not have any option it is quite possible to play it anywhere with enough clear space and the right number of team mates!
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