Primrose oil is made from the seeds of the wildflower Primrose, and is rich in fatty acids that are amazing for your body in different ways. This makes primrose oil amazing for ingesting, as it has various properties that will help your body, especially when it comes to painful PMS. The oil is anti-inflammatory as well, making it great for irritated skin.

#1 It Helps With PMS

 Hormones can fluctuate around menopause and PMS and this is where the omega-6 fatty acids in the oil comes in handy. Menopausal symptoms include hot flashes, which studies have shown to be effectively reduced when primrose oil is taken. With PMS, symptoms include irritability, bloating and acne and primrose oil can help regular hormones so that

#2 It Can Help Reduce Acne

Similar to PMS, primrose oil can help reduce Acne by tackling the root of the issue here – hormonal imbalances. Primrose Oil can thus balance that out in due time. It would be beneficial to use the oil topically as well, applying it to your face at least once a day. It helps with healing the skin that has been ravaged by acne, and can soothe your skin as well.

#3 Treats Skin Problems

Certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can be hard to deal with on an everyday basis. They turn skin into dry rough patches that are usually itchy and hard to tolerate. Primrose oil helps with that, and taking supplements can help with the healing process, though it cannot be eliminated entirely. Topically, it can help as well.

#4 Is Good For Hair Loss

 Omega-6 fatty acids are brilliant for hair growth, and hair loss usually means a deficiency in fatty acids of some kind. Taken internally at least once a day can help reduce hair loss, and if applied to your scalp along with other essential oils such as rosemary and peppermint, can help stimulate hair growth as well.

#5 Your Nails Will Look Great!

 If you have weak nails, primrose oil will be great for you. Once again the fatty acids will help stimulate good nail growth, and soaking your nails in drops of the oil will be beneficial as well. Try to place a drop on each of your nails a few hours before you apply polish so that your nails have time to absorb it.