Even though these days we are busier than ever, we cannot neglect the fact that apps that can be installed on our phone can be a huge boost to maintaining our health. Let’s do a rundown of the top five apps that can help you kick-start and maintain your health.

#1 MyPlate

Whether you want to lose weight or gain it, MyPlate helps you by tracking your daily caloric intake. It also goes one step further by tracking your workouts and calories burned, with graphs with vital nutritional information that breaksdown your diet into its different parts, helping you see what you are eating in excess and what you need to eat more of.

1 - livestrong my plate

#2 Nike+ Training

This app is great for recording your fitness life and keeping track of all your workouts. The app also features hundreds of workouts of differing difficulties that can be downloaded and easily followed and features a customised plan that you can create and follow.

2 - nike trainer

#3 Pillow

Pillow is a nifty app that lets you track your sleep. You can set it to record sounds you make, and has a smart alarm that will wake you up. The app allows you to track your mood and adds notes to your data as well, creating a means for you to review your sleeping patterns to decide what is best for you.

3 - pillow

#4 Blogilates

YouTube Fitness Star Cassey Ho lets you fit many of her videos and tips on a healthy lifestyle into your pocket with her app Blogilates. With videos, recipes, a picture sharing service and a monthly workout calendar, the app is a great way of easily accessing lifestyle tips.

4 - blogilates

#5 Zombies, Run

This is not your average health app, as it is more like a game. Featuring a story and missions that you have to walk, jog and run to accomplish, the app pretends that zombies are attacking and you have to run away to survive. In two weeks it became the highest grossing app on iTunes, proving that having a little fun in your workout does no harm at all!

5 - zombies run