The holiday season is upon us and with it comes good times, cheer, and of course feasting. Be it the delicious fare offered at seasonal holiday parties, or the Christmas markets and visits – the food is flowing, and the wine is good. It is always a slightly depressing moment when you clamber on to your scale with great reluctance and realize the pounds are packing on. Here are some tips and tricks to help you minimize the damage to your waistline this holiday season.

1. Cut the soft drinks and juice, they have more sugar thank you think! This is not a holiday must have, stick to nursing a glass of wine or a single drink all evening

2. Minimize your carbs intake and substitute with meat and veggies instead – especially after 6. This will avoid your body slowly digesting all that heavy-duty bread and rice.

3. Green tea or hot water after every meal will make a big difference! It helps cut through the fat and cleanse your body

4. Add a workout to your morning routine – exercising in the morning can help ensure better behavior all day long, according to a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

5. Cutting back all day so you can indulge at an event that night only sets you up for a pig-out. Why? You’re freaking starving! Have healthy, low-calorie but filling meals before so you don’t over indulge

6. Avoid the doggy-bag. While it is tempting to take home more of that yummy, leftover food – remember that you are indulging more than usual this season. Don’t add on unnecessarily.

7. Chew slowly. This has shown to fill you up faster, thus you will eat less. Take smaller bites and chew each bite 5-7 times. The difference is incredible

8. Spend more time “Decking the halls” and “Trimming the Tree” instead of making candy and cookies. Try to encourage family and friends to join you in games, nature walks, or crafts to take the focus off food.

9. Go to the buffet last, when you are the first in line then you are usually finished by the time the last person starts and you will be more inclined to go back for seconds. Once others have picked through the buffet, it usually doesn’t look as appetizing.

10. Skip the second serving, stick to the one plate (bonus: take a smaller plate so your serve less!) and just enjoy what you have.