Ramadan, a spiritual month for the Muslims around the world to gain closeness to God as a global community together. Ramadan by nature is a time of sacrifice. Sacrifice food and desire to gain spiritual enrichment. A continuous 30 day fast of 13 hours or more per day, is a must on all Muslims.

Overall health being a burning issue in the present day, fasting is one of the most recommended form of cleansing which is gaining popularity in the recent times. Unfortunately the present day Ramadan menu is the most life threatening. Tempted during the fast throughout the day we tend to pile up on our plates and sit eagerly for sunset to break the fast. The mouthwatering cuisine and the yearning gut make us overlook the potential health hazards of overeating. Faludas, deep fried samosas and traditional sweets are the hidden culprits which destroys the benefits which was gained by fasting during day .After a long period of fasting you need to bring your fluids and blood sugar level up without overdoing it.

It is a great time to detox, practice clean eating and get fit. Now who will say no to shed a few pounds.

Tips to stay healthy this Ramadan

• Have a light pre-dawn meal, mostly of hydrating food.
• Avoid gorging yourself when breaking fast.
• Sip on water in the evening. Aim for at least 6 liters of water before bed.
• Engage in light exercises in the evening, preferably walking 15-20 minutes.
• Avoid fried food by all means.
• Limit sugar intake.
• Organize your sleep schedule to avoid day time lethargy.
• Add plenty of fruits and dry dates instead of sweets.
• Take milk and fresh fruit juices instead of fizzy drinks.
May you keep the healthy habits throughout the year, RAMADAN KAREEM.