Sunglasses are one of the few amazing things in life that hit that sweet spot between unspeakably cool and actually good for you. They protect your eyes from harmful rays from the sun, not to mention save you from having to make eye contact with anyone if you don’t want to.

Block Those UV Rays

The gist of it it, UV rays can be really bad for your eyes. Worst case scenario is that they can lead to cataracts, clouding your eyes so that vision becomes less than crystal clear. Almost 20% of all cases of cataracts are because of eyes being overexposed to UV rays. Sunglasses also block out ‘blue light’ which can be a cause for macular degeneration.

Cut Down That Glare

Polarised glasses, while not a substitute for UV protection, can also cut down the glare, thus reducing squinting and the need for your pupil to expand, which could lead to more UV rays entering your eye. Not wearing sunglasses could lead to damaged retinas and overgrown tissue clouding your eyes. Sunglasses also cut down on that annoying sensation of your eyes adjusting to darkness after being in the bright sun. If you have headaches after being outside, you might want to check if its due to sunlight, as you can be prescribed a pair of sunglasses to help with that.

Choosing the Right Pair

Look out for sunglasses that block 99-100% of UV rays. They don’t have to be expensive, and you can always take your sunglasses to your optometrist to check if your sunglasses block UV rays or not. Get a pair that fits your face, that doesn’t touch your eyelashes but isn’t too low on your nose. The bigger the frames, the more area of your face will be protected!

Adding a hat will no doubt help protect from sun exposure, but don’t forget to wear sunglasses!