As the New Year dawns and some of us make resolutions; most of us find it challenging to stick to them. This could be more so when one of your resolutions is to get fit and follow a scheduled fitness regime. For those of you who are struggling to make progress, here are a few tips that will help you follow through;

1. Start small

Setting small daily or weekly goals will help you stick to your fitness regime. Intensify your routine by setting milestones which will inevitably challenge you for the better. Be it through the number of miles you run or weights you lift, this will definitely be the starting point of your journey!


2. Have some variety

Variation keeps things interesting; switching it up between lifting weights and swimming laps would help you stay focused and motivated. This will also enable you to focus on different muscle groups, enabling you to maintain your overall physique.


3. Take a friend

Finding a friend to join you, be it for moral support or even just companionship can be a pivotal addition to your routine. Not only will you be able to motivate each other; you have a friend to catch a sweet treat soon after!


4. Keep a journal

Be it through an app or on paper, keeping track of your progress is key to monitoring yourself and making progress as a result. This could be made more effective by monitoring your food intake and counting calories.


5. Acceptance is key

As with anything, there will be pitfalls and struggles. The key to progressing is by starting where you stopped and not being too harsh on yourself if you fail. Not only will this strengthen your body but also your mind.