As parents’ one of your biggest worries would be how your child fares in his/her studies. The most frequent complaints are their lack of concentration, and dislike towards studying. Here are two effective methods to help your child study well!

01. Incentivizing Study

Set up a reward system; we are wired to believe that our work should be rewarded, so make studying rewarding. (E.g. If they study thy get something, if they don’t study they won’t get anything). Inspire them with goals, make sure they understand the benefits of studying. Engage your child by relating less “fun” topics to the subjects that they love.Teach your children to learn, not just to study. Find “fun” ways to study (flash cards, a personalized study guide, or sticky notes around your child’s room).

02. Guided Study Sessions

Be involved! Take an interest in what your child is learning, what they think is easy or what they think is hard. Minimize distractions; Keep the TV off, and put away any gaming consoles.


Know how your child learns best. Understand what makes her engaged and productive, and try to build an ideal learning environment.Consider hiring a tutor. Teachers may recommend a private tutor. If it’s in the budget, take the opportunity. It can be a great way for your child to learn, and you might even learn something.

If you have young children, try to be present when they study. Make sure they know that you are there to help, but do not let them rely on you completely for the answers. Be patient, positive, and tolerant.

Review your children’s homework when they get home and when they have finished it. Your guidance should be a positive light, not a stressful weight.