Getting kids to the study table is quite a hard task! Getting them to do some actual ‘studying’ during the ‘study time’ is even challenging! It happens to adults too! It’s only during ‘study time’ (in our case work) do we have the need to do other things like cleaning our drawer or replying to messages.
I know it’s difficult to keep the focus but here are a few tips that may help you make the maximum use of your kid’s study time!
Switch off all distractions (that means the TV too!)


Not a sound! Make sure your kid’s study environment is not cluttered with distractions like quiet conversations, or television noises. Even the smallest noise can be quite distracting. This doesn’t mean you have to tip toe around the house but make sure it’s quiet enough for your kid to focus!

Plan your study schedule ahead of time

Don’t ask your child what her homework is during study time. Plan out what your child is going to do before ‘study time’. This way you can maximise your child’s attention span and use their focus for more important thing like memorising names of Kings and their achievements (which I don’t even remember now!). We waste a lot of precious energy trying to figure out what to do first when it could have been prepared before!

Keep a few snacks (healthy ones :D) and water beside you

Ahh….the rumble of the tummy is a welcoming sound during study time. You can’t study while you feel hungry right! It’s the perfect excuse! So make sure you keep snacks and a bottle of water on your kid’s study table. So that they don’t have to break their focus by going in search of food. Oh and make sure they are healthy snacks like an apple, or konda kadalai. Or make sure they eat before they study.

I hope these tips help!