For many of us, holidays can easily become stressful rather than enjoyable, with extra activities, delicious yet unhealthy food at every turn, responsibilities piling up, the occasional family tiff, shakeups to your regular routine and of course, cash concerns. If you feel yourself coming to the point where you are wondering whether the holiday season could just be too much of a good thing, hold up! Keeping things stress-free and healthy this season is certainly possible. Here are 5 suggestions as to how you indulge and enjoy the end of the year without compromising on your health and finances.

1. Cherish time with family, this Christmas

Spending time with family need not involve copious amounts of money spent on swanky getaways or fancy seasonal dinners. Bond with your loved ones with simple activities such as baking and decorating Christmas cookies together, hosting a family BBQ or potluck where every attendee can contribute to the event or even your own rendition of Chris Kindle focusing on the kids in your family! It really is that simple.

2. Initiate fun holiday collaborative exercise routines with your friends

With all the refined sugar laden goodies within arms’ reach that compelled to be eaten in celebration of the season, exercise is not to be missed. Call up your friends and go for an early morning jog followed by a healthy breakfast at one of Colombo’s notable salad and juice bars, such as Calorie Counter.

3. Indulge at known health food spots

Suggest healthy eateries that your family and friends can meet up to indulge in. This way, you are able to enjoy this time of the year without any restrictions and most importantly, without any regret or dread of having to resort to diet damage control at the start of the year.

4. Cook up a storm at your place

What better and more cost-effective way to have your family and friends over as often as possible this season with home-cooked food using the freshest and most nutritious of ingredients prepared exactly how your family and friends would like it? The best part is that they don’t even need to know about the healthy aspect.

5. Take advantage of major discounts, this season

With so many items on sale both online and offline, treating yourself and your loved ones need not involve you breaking bank and stressing yourself out needlessly (which is as unhealthy as indulging in one too many Christmas goodies!). Shop smart, paying special attention to websites such as, and, all of which boast of a range of trending items going at discounted rates.