Love makes the world go round. It even stops time. But who knew that those warm fuzzy feelings could be related to some very important hallmarks of good health? We hit the jackpot with what research has to say on the positive impacts of being in love on the human body. Here are 6 ways falling for someone might actually mean your overall health and wellbeing are being supported substantially. Go figure!

1) A healthier heart

It really is about the heart after all! In giving your heart to your special someone, you just might be giving it an upgrade. Loving relationships mean that partners do not experience much stress in their lives and so their cardiovascular systems are regulated well against events such as heart attacks which, we can all agree, is a pretty big deal.

2) Better-looking skin

The look of love isn’t just some story. The way your face glows when you see or think of your darling is but a symbol of your cortisol (stress hormone) levels being low. This means that there’s a much lesser chance of you breaking out in acne and pimples. This feel-good state keeps you looking your very best.

3) Immune system boost

Love actually makes your body stronger and more resilient. It has been found that healthier higher-functioning immune systems are linked with relationships where partners treat each other with love and compassion. If this is the case then it seems that love can be that precious antidote for you, helping against most ills you face in your lifetime.

4) Improves mental well-being

This is a no-brainer, pun intended. Studies on love and the brain have found that when feelings of passionate love are ignited in people, it increases the levels of the hormone dopamine i.e. there is a dopamine rush. The hormone has an intense effect on the brain. You feel like you’re on top of the world, that you can do anything and are content with it all. Love evokes such bliss.

5) Helps you live a longer life

You and your partner or spouse could give each other the gift of longevity simply by giving up those bad habits which affect your health and being a constant pillar of support for yourselves and each other. Being in a happy romantic relationship with someone can be incredibly fulfilling and reduces life stresses immensely which would no doubt lead to much better health in the long-run for both of you.

6) A natural painkiller

There’s no blow that can’t be cushioned with your sweetheart beside you, is there? Interestingly, research supports this, saying pain may be of lesser intensity in your experience of it. Studies have found that the mere presence of your hubby or girlfriend in painful situations can actually reduce painful feelings simply because of the serious relief brought about by him or her.

Clearly love is more than what we can perceive with our five senses. There’s a whole lot of mumbo jumbo going on in terms of chemicals in our body that make it as electric as it feels. Since its doing our health a favour (the benefits are twofold!) we could do well not to shy away from it and make more room for some romantic fireworks by spending quality time with each other this Valentine’s Day.