There was a time people never thought about cholesterol levels till they hit over forty. Thanks to the couch potato life-style and all the GMF (Genetically Modified Food), matters have taken a different turn. So, how do we make sure that the fat in our body isn’t turning out to be our enemy, without having to workout everyday?

1. Keep your body moving:

Do not let your body be sedentary for more than 20 mins when you are not sleeping. It’s easy to not leave your seat for hours in this techy world. Humans are wired to be active. So be active.

2. Stretch every morning

Stretch your muscles every morning and give yourself a head start. You’ll experience the difference yourself. This warmup session keeps you alert and attentive throughout the day.

3. Watch what you eat

You probably have heard this way too many times. It’s simple as anything you eat should be in moderation. If you’re in your early twenties, you might be thinking, it’s ok to eat anything and everything. While it is ok, do keep

4. Some green tea

If you’ve tried green tea after a heavy meal, you already know the relief it gives. It’s not just that, it has antioxidants that’s capable of cleansing the circulatory system.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Body needs water to circulate the nutrition it gets. When your body receives enough water it’s able to break up the food particles much easily.

6. Go for annual check-ups

Don’t wait till 50 to start annual check-ups. Starting early doesn’t do any harm. The earlier you start the better, since you’ll have a clearer idea of changes in the body.

7. Don’t stress over petty issues

This era dishes enough and more events for us to stress over, so save it for major issues. Stop stressing over traffic and burnt toast.

8. Choose manual whenever possible

Convenience comes with a cost of making us sedentary. Wash your clothes and dishes manually whenever possible to work those muscles and burn unnecessary fat.

9. Bye-Bye smoking

Smoking is a culprit that affect most of your organs including your heart. Better stop now than never to reverse the affects.

10. Keep alcohol at bay

Just like food, alcohol too should be consumed in moderation. So keep booze at arm’s length.