For years, the dengue epidemic has taken its toll on our country. But in the recent few months, it hit a whole new level of insanity what with hospitals running out of beds to admit patients and lengthy queues desperate for a blood test.

Dengue prevention

A particular cure for dengue is a nearly non-existent reality due to which prevention is the best policy. Two ways to prevent dengue:

1. Environmental Management

The importance of regular cleaning of your environment can not be emphasised. The Aedes mosquito, responsible for spreading dengue, lays eggs and breeds in water containers. Removal of containers, tires, pots, and emptying roof gutters, ponds and spots that is likely to fill up with standing water is an effective way to reduce the breeding of Aedes mosquitos.

2. Self-protection

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Use insect repellents on your skin to keep the mosquitos away. Both adults and kids can benefit with these. Make use of sticker patches, bracelets, creams are other readily available options for direct use on your body.


• Hospitalisation and close monitoring when symptoms associated with dengue such as high fever, joint and muscle pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, pain behind eyes, rashes on the skin and bleeding of the gums or nose.

• During the critical period between 2-7 days of fever, dehydration may occur. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent this.

• Platelet or red blood cell transfusion might be necessary if there are signs of melena, indicating internal gastrointestinal bleeding.