As I was writing this article I was quite surprised to discover that Cod Liver, being so small and fishy, had so MANY powerful benefits. It was a moment of realisation like when Harry Potter found out that a stick like object (aka his wand) could wield so much power!


And it’s true, if you have gotten used to taking cod liver oil daily either by gulping it down while holding your nose or by biting into it and letting the fishy liquid into your mouth, you are on the right path!

Cod liver oil is bursting with essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and D, and especially Omega 3 fatty acids (the good kind of oil). If you do a google search you will find countless studies and researches that back up my claims in this blog post!


So pay attention! There is more to these golden jewels than just a fishy aftertaste!

Gives You A Healthy Heart


Cod liver oil helps prevent various types of heart diseases. The nutrients in the oil lower a dangerous fat called high triglycerides which increases your risk of getting heart diseases. It also helps balance cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure. In some cases it also prevents serious diseases such as atherosclerosis which is the hardening and stiffening of the arteries.

Healthy Bones

As you grow older you would notice that your joints and bones start aching on the one day you decide to use the stairs rather than take the elevator. Yes! This is a sign that your bones are not as strong as it was when you were younger! The Vitamin D in the oil is essential in strengthening your bones. Studies have found that cod liver can also reduce the risk of getting and helps treat bone related ailments such as arthritis. It helps reduce the pain and also relives joint stiffness. Recent findings suggest that cod liver oil can reverse the breakdown of cartilage that occurs in osteoarthritis. A study done by Professor Bruce Caterson of Cardiff University concluded that just 24 hours’ exposure to omega-3 fatty acids can stop enzymes that degrade bone cartilage.

Reduces The Effects Of Ageing (I am not kidding about this one)

The sun’s ultra violet rays are very harmful to our skin. It sucks out the moisture and increases your risks of getting skin related diseases. With cod liver oil you can minimize the damage greatly! A study done by the University of California has found that the Omega 3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil delays the process of what they call ‘biological ageing’. To top this, the nutrients found in the oil also helps strengthen hair follicles which in turn reduces hair loss greatly! Apart from this it gives your hair that extra shine and bounce that you may have been trying to get through chemicals!

Makes You Smarter Aka Boosts Brain Function

Surprisingly studies have found that those who take cod liver oil have improved cognitive functioning! One particular study that compared the children of mothers who had taken cod liver oil vs corn oil during their pregnancy, found that those who taken cod liver oil scored higher on intelligence tests at a very early age!

Reduces Depression

It’s been found that those who have a higher intake of omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D are less likely to get depressive symptoms. The nutrients in cod liver oil have been found to improve the outcome of depression and anxiety. The Hordaland Health study which tracked 21,835 adults in Norway found that the prevalence of depressive symptoms in those who took cod liver oil was 2.5 percent in comparison to 3.8 percent in the rest of the population. There have also been strong suggestions that cod liver oil helps prevent cognitive decline which is attributed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Increased And Sharper Vision

The Vitamin A in cod liver oil helps sharpen our vision and also increases the health of our eyes! This means that the natural decline of eyesight as you grow older is much lesser for those who take cod liver oil.

A Whole Load Of Other Stuff

Cod liver oil has been associated with so many other benefits such as lowering the risk of cancer, preventing ulcers and treating diabetes. The Vitamins and the Omega 3 fatty acids in the cod liver oil combine to provide a strong healing substance for so many illnesses both severe and mild!

Do I need to give you more reasons to start taking cod liver oil? If you don’t like tasting the fishy after taste, then buy a cod liver oil supplements at any local pharmacy!
Trust me! There is some serious benefits associated with this fishy oil!