It’s the first month of 2018 and a pivotal point for those of us interested in breaking out of cycles, starting over and becoming our healthiest, most productive selves in the workplace. In order to reach our highest potential from a career-oriented perspective, it is essential that our minds and bodies are in sync and functioning at their optimum. Far too many of us are guilty of getting too little sleep, not paying mind to what we eat, consuming way too many carbs and stimulants to make up for lack of sleep and last, but not least, of not being aware of the direction we wish to steer ourselves towards. Here are five tips that are set to rejuvenate you and transform you, both inside and out.

Pay attention to your biological clock

It’s not only important to get at least six hours of sleep but to also pay attention to what time you actually head to bed. It also isn’t the quantity of sleep that matters as much as it is the quality of the hours of sleep you get. Aim for REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, also referred to as “deep sleep”, as this will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world sans caffeine in the morning that follows!

Get at least a half hour of exercise in everyday

For those of us who are employed in desk jobs, we rarely stop to think about how sedentary our work lives really are. As hectic as a 9-to-5 job can be, sneaking in at least a half hour of exercise everyday can prove to be extremely beneficial to your physical and mental state. Whether it’s jogging for fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes when you get home or even brisk walking home (if you live in relatively close proximity to your workplace), you will experience a dynamic shift in productivity after 2 weeks of consistently doing this.

Drink 3 litres of water a day

Water is essential to life, yet, is often overlooked by us giving priority to work. In order for us to think clearly, cut down on unnecessary cravings (yes, staying hydrated can definitely help in that regard) and for our skin to remain dewy regardless of how much pressure we are under, getting a minimum of 3 litres of water in a day is absolutely of the essence. Make it a point to have a litre of water when you wake up in the morning, a litre around noon and a litre towards the evening.

Make healthier food choices by meal prepping in advance

It’s very common for the average working man or woman to use the phrase “oh, I just grabbed something on the way”. This something could be anything from a tea bun or doughnut to a highly caffeinated beverage with sugar. While this may give you the jolt of energy necessary to get through the day, it will only hamper your productivity in the long run, giving rise to headaches, break outs and insatiable sugar cravings. Invest at least half an hour when you get home to prepare your meals for the next day. Whether it is a salad or rice and curry, you have the option of getting creative!