For Her

#1 Workout Wear

Really good quality workout clothes will enhance each workout – fabrics that are breathable and comfortable and also give you confidence will definitely help you give your fall in every workout session. Clothes that can go for gym wear to every day will be especially appreciated.

#2 Boxing Gloves

If she hasn’t already tried it, boxing is a great way to exercise. Fit is important, and heavy gloves weighted at the front protect hands from the blows.

#3 Wireless Headphones

If your partner loves to work out to music, then she will love wireless headphones. Good quality headphones will have a secure fit, could possibly be waterproof as well as sound incredibly good.

#4 Fitness Tracker

A fitness nut will love a good fitness tracker. She will be able to track not just her steps but also other health areas of her life like sleep and heart rate. A waterproof tracker will be especially useful, as will one that can seamlessly connect to her phone.

#5 Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat is essential for safety when doing yoga or pilates – so one that doesn’t slip is essential. A padded mat will also be helpful if your partner is just starting to try yoga.


For Him

#1 Sports Sneakers

A new pair of kicks for whatever sport or exercise is your partner loves best will always be a winner. Make sure to buy the right kind of shoe for whatever sport you have in mind!

#2 Compact Weight Set

This includes adjustable dumbbells, and is a great way of keeping fit at home with little space used.

#3 Water Bottle

A good water bottle is no joke. Not only does it help the environment, it is essential in the gym and as a means to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can get water bottles that keep liquid cool or hot, have filtering systems or are even two water bottles in one!

#4 Smart Watch

A smart watch that’s also a fitness tracker will be appreciated by your partner if he wants to have a tech accessory that is as stylish as it is functional.

#5 Sporty Swimsuit

 Whether your partner likes to do laps in a swimming pool or loves catching waves at the beach, a good quality stylish swimsuit will be an amazing gift.